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The Ballad of the "Bolivar" (R. Kipling) The Ballad of the "Clampherdown" (R. Kipling) Before A Midnight Breaks In Storm... (R. Kipling) The Brook and the Wave (H. W. Longfellow) The Building of the Ship (H. W. Longfellow) Captain Stratton's Fancy (J. Masefield) Cargoes (J. Masefield) The Castaway (W. Cowper) Christmas at Sea (R. L. Stevenson) The City and the Sea (H. W. Longfellow) Cruisers (R. Kipling) Chrysaor (H. W. Longfellow) The "Cumberland" (H. W. Longfellow) The Discoverer of the North Cape (H. W. Longfellow) A Dutch Picture (H. W. Longfellow) Faithless Sally Brown (T. Hood) The Fire of Drift-Wood (H. W. Longfellow) The Fisher's Boy (H. D. Thoreau) The Forsaken Merman (M. Arnold) Four By The Clock (H. W. Longfellow) The Golden Sunset (H. W. Longfellow) H. M. S. "Foudroyant" (A. Conan Doyle) "I explain the silvered passing of a ship at night..." (S. Crane) In the Matter of One Compass (R. Kipling) I Saw Three Ships (Anonymous) The Lighthouse (H. W. Longfellow) The Mariner (G. K. Chesterton) The "Mary Gloster" (R. Kipling) Meeting At Night (R. Browning) The Merchantmen (R. Kipling) Milton (H. W. Longfellow) "O Captain! My Captain!.." (W. Whitman) "On the beach at night alone..." (W. Whitman) Over the Sea our Galleys Went (R. Browning) The Phantom Ship (H. W. Longfellow) Pirate Story (R. L. Stevenson) The Quadroon Girl (H. W. Longfellow) The Rhyme of the Three Sealers (R. Kipling) Roadways (J. Masefield) The Sailor, Who Had Served In The Slave Trade (R. Southey) The Sea and the Hills (R. Kipling) Sea-Change (J. Masefield) Sea Fever (J. Masefield) The Sea Hath Its Pearls (H. W. Longfellow) The Sea Sprite and the Shooting Star (J. London) Seaweed (H. W. Longfellow) The Sea-Wife (R. Kipling) The Secret of the Sea (H. W. Longfellow) The Shag (C. Thaxter) "Sing Me a Song of a Lad that is Gone..." (R. L. Stevenson) Sir Humphrey Gilbert (H. W. Longfellow) The Skeleton in Armor (H. W. Longfellow) Song (J. Davidson) Soldier An' Sailor Too (R. Kipling) The Song of the Wreck (Ch. Dickens) The Sound of the Sea (H. W. Longfellow) Spanish Waters (J. Masefield) The Storm Cone (R. Kipling) "The Stormy Evening Closes Now in Vain..." (R. L. Stevenson) A Summer Day by the Sea (H. W. Longfellow) Sweet William's Farewell to Black-ey'd Susan: A Ballad (J. Gay) The Three-Decker (R. Kipling) The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls (H. W. Longfellow) The Tides (H. W. Longfellow) "To the maiden the sea was blue meadow..." (S. Crane) Twilight (H. W. Longfellow) Venice (H. W. Longfellow) A Visit from the Sea (R. L. Stevenson) The "Wanderer" (J. Masefield) The Witnesses (H. W. Longfellow) The Wreck of the Hesperus (H. W. Longfellow) Ye Mariners of England (T. Campbell) к началу страницы